Make Money with CAPTCHA

Last week I came across this website called PixProfit.com. This website will pay you to encode CAPTCHA messages. PixProfit's aim is to help the blind and the deaf use the internet with the increasing implementation of CAPTCHA.

If you enjoy “typing games” such as Typing Maniac, you will probably like this too. They only offer a small amount though, a dollar for a thousand pictures. It sounds overwhelming, but it's actually not that hard. It's fairly easy if you are a fast typist and it can be profitable too.

Accuracy is equally important as your speed. They have priority levels based on how accurate you type; which means that the more mistakes you make, the lower your priority becomes. The lower your priority is, the lesser CAPTCHA pictures you will get.

Pixprofit.com also has a great feature where you can invite your friends to join your group. This will help you reach the minimum pay-out faster; and the group leader can just then divide the earnings among the group.

I just received payment yesterday so I know it’s legit.


  1. Hi SwitSexyThing! Thanks for dropping by my blog :)

  2. I didn't know that u can actually earn money from Captchas. It made me happier to know that it's just like playing Typing Maniac.. haha I've once been addicted to that game.
    I wish I have more time to try all the links you've been sharing :-(
    it's really time consuming.

    Thanks a lot.

  3. Hi This is good information you have added. Do see my post http://www.sriramsoftware.info/2009/10/top-sites-for-writing-reviews-and.html. It has good information of earning more money. May be it will be useful for all.

  4. Hey there! As for your question about registration fees on survey sites, NONE of the sites I am on require ANY money from you at all, no registration fees, no fees for surveys, nothing.

    I'm sure there are some scams out there like that, so definitely always read the fine print, but I can guarantee you nothing I am involved in charge anything, or I wouldn't do them myself!

    I'm on a few PTC sites, but like you said, they don't seem to pay much. I would definitely recommend doing surveys, you can make quite a bit. I will be posting updated proofs of payments regularly, so you will see the ones that are paying too.

    I'm really glad I found your site.. I signed up on oDesk earlier this week and landed my first data entry position! Awesome.

  5. Hi Jennifer! It's great to hear that you already have your first data entry job :) Best wishes.

    I'll try the survey links you have on your site. Thanks.

  6. Hi,
    Your link to the PixProfit.com does not work. Web site not found.
    Best Wishes,

  7. Hello!
    PixProfit.com link was found.
    A couple of dollars I've earned kolotibablo.
    Little lookandearn.biz.
    Truth is I have such work appears to be very boring. In order to earn needed to work all night, or collected Referals 100-1000.



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