Earn From Forum Posting

MyLot.com is a paid-to-post forum site where people can earn a little extra cash by starting or participating in forum discussions, uploading pictures, and referring friends. MyLot.com also offers tasks you can agree to complete like writing short articles. Don’t expect too much from the discussions though. You’ll find some that are completely pointless to be even discussed in a forum. But you can still find some quality discussions you would probably like to take part in. You can make a quick few bucks if you have more time in your hands as there is no limit in posting and responding to posts.

I just recently joined MyLot.com having seen some Pinay mom bloggers earning from it. It’s not so bad earning from just sharing your two cents.


Make Money with CAPTCHA

Last week I came across this website called PixProfit.com. This website will pay you to encode CAPTCHA messages. PixProfit's aim is to help the blind and the deaf use the internet with the increasing implementation of CAPTCHA.

If you enjoy “typing games” such as Typing Maniac, you will probably like this too. They only offer a small amount though, a dollar for a thousand pictures. It sounds overwhelming, but it's actually not that hard. It's fairly easy if you are a fast typist and it can be profitable too.

Accuracy is equally important as your speed. They have priority levels based on how accurate you type; which means that the more mistakes you make, the lower your priority becomes. The lower your priority is, the lesser CAPTCHA pictures you will get.

Pixprofit.com also has a great feature where you can invite your friends to join your group. This will help you reach the minimum pay-out faster; and the group leader can just then divide the earnings among the group.

I just received payment yesterday so I know it’s legit.


Get Paid To Click Part II

Here are the PTC sites I registered to and been clicking ads on for the past few weeks:


- 2 cents per click
- 2 cents per referral clicks
- Shows 4 ads for standard members
** Have seen it listed as a credible PTC site in different blogs


- A member is awarded credits each time they surf or refer
- Shows about 15 ads a day
**Have also seen in lists of trusted PTC/ Paid to Surf sites

DonkeyMails.com: No Minimum Payout
- .001 to .0025 per click
- Shows about 50 ads a day
- Also offers Paid to Promote and other GPT programs
**Good thing about them is that they do provide a lot of ads in a day

Clix Sense

- It is a must that you upgrade to Premium but I didn’t so I only got 5 ads
- Known as a trusted PTC site

- 10 ads per day = $0.15
- 20 referrals click ads per day = $2.00
- Shows 5 ads for standard members
**Have seen proof of payment by other members


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