Update on Neobux

So Neobux is one of the PTC sites I checked out. A couple of weeks ago, I was finally able to reach the minimum pay-out. Of course I wanted to know if they really pay so I immediately requested for cash out. I wasn’t disappointed as I received the payment a couple of minutes after I sent my request. Cool!


  1. Oh wow! Congrats for another pay-out!


  2. Ok, I am losing track. How many different programs do you write for and if you had to add them all together, how much time do you spend doing it and what is the range of earnings, if you don't mind me asking.

    I had rather work on the computer than take another job somewhere else and kill myself trying to keep up that schedule. My email address is posted on my blog at http://theredheadriter.blogspot.com

    THANK YOU!!!

  3. Thanks, Butteryfly :)

    Hi Redhead Riter! I'll email you as soon as I can. Thank you. :)

  4. I use this too and have been renting referrals for a week or two to see how that works!



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