Fools Rush In

People who work from home are an easy prey to scams and frauds. When looking for opportunities, always be careful. Here are few notes to help you decipher whether the opportunity is legitimate or not:

- If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. Earn so much for so little effort? That’s not possible, even in cyber space.
- If there is a promise of instant cash, be especially wary.
- If the word “legitimate” is being used in the ad, it’s probably not.
- If it’s asking for initial cash-out, especially if it’s a huge amount, beware. Don’t just shell out money just because you have it.
- If you cannot make sense of the product being offered for an online or home-based business after reading an entire article or website, it’s most probably just bogus.

Better be extra careful when dealing online. Read up and investigate. Don’t rush through your venture. Any endeavor requires time and effort to be successful.


  1. Great advice! For a mom who plans to work from home in a couple of months from now, I would say that everything that you posted here is very informative and very clear!!!

    Thanks again for sharing and looking forward to your future posts!

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  3. I never expected this blog to be this informative and entertaining at the same time. :)

    It's like reading an online magazine for Work from home Moms but entries doesn't limit it in that niche.

    From the color, lay-out, images down to the length of the entries are so lite and balance. Even an "OfficeHusband" like me would want to be a "WorkingMom" after reading a couple of entries... :)

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  5. I was nearly became a victim, but then I heard the same words from my mom "If it's too good to be true then it's not true".

    Great tips!


  6. Hi Butteryfly, thanks for following my posts and leaving comments :)

  7. Your blog is really great with a nice design.. Gimme some tips to have such a nice blog...


    P.S: There is no follow button.. If so, I might have followed you...

  8. Hi Shiny! Thanks for dropping by my blog. Yours is nice too. I think there's a "Follow Blog" button at the top of the screen. Will have the "Follower" gadget activated. Thanks again. I hope you'd come by and visit again.



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