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I immediately joined Link From Blog after reading rave reviews about it. For those not familiar yet, LinkFromBlog.com is a website where companies advertise on blogs.

One good thing about LinkfromBlog.com is that the activation of my account was almost instant. I received notification that my account has been activated a few minutes after I created my account. Getting your account activated immediately means you can bid on campaigns and earn straight away. The only down side is that they have a limited list of campaigns as of now. But they do have great customer service support. When I inquired about their campaigns, they emailed me back immediately, politely explaining that they are still building their list and that they are trying to get more advertisers; which is true because every time I login, I see new campaigns and offers. They now have a longer list of offers as compared to the first time I checked their website. More than working for a growing company, it is also nice to know that you deal with real,honest people.

So if you like reviewing websites or products, LinkfromBlog is worth a try. Don't you think?

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  1. At the moment the site appears to be inactive. I am trying to figure out if the site was actually ever legit.



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