Is Working From Home For You?

Working from home is not at all just a bed of roses. Before I delved into the work-from-home set-up, my fear was that I will no longer have fixed income. I won’t have monthly pay checks and HMO benefits. In reality, this is one of the things you need to consider. Your work from home job or business should be enough for you to leave your day job or you should at least be prepared for it. Although there are opportunities, when you’re just starting out, it could be a challenge. You should really be up to it to make it work.

There are distractions you need to overcome. Kids, if you have any, could even be one. Fortunately, I can talk to my 3-year old and he allows me to work peacefully while he watches Playhouse Disney or any of his favorite movies when he returns from school. Your family or the people you live with should understand the work set-up you chose. They might think that you are always available for errands because you are staying home.

If you’re someone who can’t work alone and you really need social interactions, it will be difficult for you to work from home. Here, you deal with clients you don’t actually see face-to-face. Interactions are either through phone, IM or email. Definitely, there are ways to battle this out by having a support system. It’s not a reason to be hermit. Then again, it’s up to you.

So think about it. Is working from home for you?


  1. better. the graphics are better =)

  2. better. the graphics are way better =D

  3. i work from home also and love it because i have a 2 year old daughter who gets so clingy at times that i do more work when shes asleep than awake..:) interesting site:)

  4. hi ross, thanks for visiting my blog.

  5. There are many businesses that can be run from home. Many stay-at-home moms became successful entrepreneurs. My mom stayed at home to look after me and my brother when we were kids. Eventually she became a serial entrepreneur, because her business would grow too big, and she'd sell it and start a new one again.

  6. Hi Missy! Welcome to my blog. Thanks for leaving a comment. You're right, having a home-business is another great idea. It's probably just a matter of finding a business that will work. I saw your site, there are great business ideas there. Thanks again for visiting.



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